Internship Fair 2020 – Creative & Business

Tuesday, 17 Mar 202011:30 - 13:30

11th Space and Superstar Education are back with another internship fair for students and fresh graduates! There are two Streams

11th Space and Superstar Education are back with another internship fair for students and fresh graduates!

There are two Streams to choose for – please choose correctly when you register.


Suitable for university students & fresh graduates that has a visual portfolio, such as graphic design, multimedia, animation, interior design, and so on.

11.30 -12.00 : Inspirational Talk from Angel Cindy (Founder & Managing Director of Restive Creatives)

12.00 – 13.30 : One on One interview & portfolio reviews with Angel Cindy & Kennie Kurniawan (Marketing Manager, 11th Space)


Suitable for university students & fresh graduates from any disciplines such as business, science, engineering, arts, that is looking for internship in the business/commerce roles.

11.30 -12.00 : Inspirational Talk from Ivan Tandyo (CEO, Navanti Holdings)

12.00 – 13.30 : One on One interview with Ivan Tandyo & Navanti Board of Directors


Who is this for?

This event is designed for students or fresh graduates looking to gain some industry insights on how to improve their employability and having the opportunity to apply for the internship positions available with Navanti Holdings, 11th Space & Restive Creatives.

What to expect?

  • Inspirational Talk by Ivan Tandyo (CEO-Navanti Holdings) and Angel Cindy (Founder & MD -Restive Creatives)
  • One-on-One interviews
  • Opportunity to apply for internships

About the speakers

Ivan Tandyo (CEO, Navanti Holdings)

Ivan Tandyo founded Navanti Holdings in 2008. He began his business journey through a small step within the food & beverage industry back in 2003. From being involved in a cafe and a few restaurant within the heart of the Melbourne city; Ivan become exposed to the commercial world.

Ultimately forming his passion for entrepreneurship despite the many challenges Ivan faced prior to the establishment of Navanti Holdings, he still managed to persevere and continue to rebuild his business that are continuously growing to this present day.

With his charismatic leadership, Ivan continues to expand Navanti Holdings to many different industries, such a Manufacturing, Services, Trading and Property Developments.

Currently Navanti Holding are in ownership of 14 different subsidiaries and committed to launch a several new businesses annually

Angel Cindy – Founder & Managing Director of Restive Creatives

From an early age, Angel knew that she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. So when it came to making a name for herself in an industry where it’s mostly men who call the shots, she resorted to an unconventional approach: She took it upon herself to produce the high-calibre emotional content that would spark an interest, and she soon turned leads into longterm clients.

Angel’s journey into entrepreneurship looks back on a career in Creative Direction – and the underlying desire to make a difference. Angel is turning the industry on its head by taking talented graduates, particularly females, under her wing who are looking for a start in the industry. By mentoring her ‘creative unicorns’, she‘s building a multi-skilled team of experts that are equipped to rule in this digital age with a work ethic that’s the envy of the industry. Angel celebrates her team of creatives as the fundamental building block of their success and has big plans for the business and her ‘creative unicorns’.

Kennie Kurniawan – Marketing Manager of 11th Space

Kennie has a diverse set of experience from both agency and client side of Marketing. Her experience includes Brand Management for Unilever to Consulting for clients such as Jetstar, Grab, Suntory, and Tourism Australia. On the side, she also runs a travel business focusing on helping people to explore unique parts of Indonesia. Kennie also was the Head of Marketing for CoHive, the largest coworking space in Indonesia. She is passionate about coworking space because she loves working with entrepreneurs and helping them grow their business.

For more info on Superstar Education, please visit www.super-star.com.au.

How to get to 11th Space?

Find our entrance next to Breadtop store at 580 Collins St. The intercom is located on the right hand side near the sliding glass door. Press 1101 and OK, we will buzz you in. See you at Level 11!