11th Space started out of our passion of building businesses.

Where it all began

Our story began in 2008. For more than a decade now, we have experienced success and failure and through it, gained enormous insights into understanding business success strategies. Our founding company Navanti, has a diversified portfolio of successful business investments across a range of industries and markets.

Our journey although difficult has helped us understand that a key ingredient to business success is mentorship and accountability – great ideas are abundant, but success is reserved for those who master the art of execution and the few who dare to persevere. Execution is best nurtured by mentors, those who have conquered and persevered through the challenges you are about to face.

Our hope is to one day live in a world where all entrepreneurs and dreamers have access to business mentors who can believe in their dreams, guide them to execute on their ideas and hold them accountable to their promises.

And that's why we created 11th Space

We envision to be the catalyst that sparks the chain reaction in the world of entrepreneurship where great ideas thrive and excel.

We are here to hold your hand and help you take the steps required to rock on into your new tomorrow of possibilities. Challenges are there to be solved, the people who solve the most amount of problems have no choice but to succeed.

When you partner with us, you will experience an incredible community of success minded doers. You will be dovetailing into an ecosystem of success, where ideas transform into tangible products and services that make up that scalable business that will otherwise remain a mere dream.

The great news is that you don’t have start from zero because over the last 10 years we’ve done the 1 to 10. Why not leverage our experience, mentorship and investment and funding opportunities today.

“You can start with us at the 11th because we’ve done 1 to 10.”


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