Resilience: from Failure to Success | by Michael Bartura

The end of year is near and it’s time to reflect on the journey of 2019. Some of us might

The end of year is near and it’s time to reflect on the journey of 2019. Some of us might be discouraged when we find that we have more failures than successes this year.

Nevertheless, rather than be discouraged and giving ourself a hard time because of our failures, we should learn to turn it into success through identifying our negative thinking patterns, develop our inner resilience, so that we can keep developing and growing in our ability to handle stress and failures.

If you stress about your failures a lot, don’t worry – you are in a good company of over seven Billion people. Stress and negative thinking patterns are part of the human survival mechanism and are wired into our brain.

Come to this FREE event and learn ways our brain are wired & how to use it our advantage, and learn tools to change our relationship with stress, so we can do better next year.

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Who is this for?

This event is great for startup founders, professionals or people who are interested to discover the reason why sometimes life feels so tough and learn easy to apply tools to turn your failures into success.

What to expect:

1. Understanding the nature of mind and thoughts – and how to differentiate between empowering and self-negating mindsets;

2. Learning how to usefully engage this new understanding in the way we cultivate inner strengths and expand our capacity to identify and affect positive developments in our inner lives and external circumstances;

3. Learning tools which takes only minutes every day to change your outlook on life and your relationship with stress.

About the speaker – Michael Bartura

Michael has been involved in lifestyle education, health & wellness promotion, training and organisational development since the mid-Eighties. With close to 20 years of management experience in four continents, he brings to the table a well-refined cross-cultural mentoring capacity and a managerial acumen amassed in both not-for-profit and business contexts. He has extensive experience in Mindfulness practices and delivers insightful and engaging training seminars and group-work through nondenominational science-based methodologies.

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6:30 Networking (Snacks and soft drinks are provided)

7:00 Presentation Starts

7:45 Question & Answer

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